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The India Trail

Are you looking to explore India? Responsible Tourism and Adventures


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Are you ready to pledge some time back to a worthy cause?

Responsible Tourism and Intern Placements

Through The India Trails, we offer responsible tourism and developmental adventures people from all over the world.  Witness the best of India through tailor made programmes.  Click here for more

Consultancy and Training

Advisory services to assist organisations in achieving three primary objectives – improving operations, increasing effectiveness and expanding reach.

Volunteer CONNECT

Our interface connects volunteers with non profit organisations and social enterprises from across the world.

Social Responsibility CONNECT

Register your organisation and reach out to willing volunteers and interns who can help build your organisation, achieve your goals and fix your problems.

PledgeBack’s Specialisation

Responsible Tourism & Intern Placements

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The India Trail

The India Trail is a programme started by PledgeBack to offer exciting and adventurous tourism and internship opportunities in India to people from all over the world.

Our programmes are designed to be ‘Developmental Adventures’ with a social twist – what we like to call ‘Responsible Tourism’.  Our goal is to give our participants a diverse variety of experiences that will help them understand the culture, history and heritage of India and also the life and work style of the average Indian.